I look for adventures and like to take risks. I want to have an exciting life.

Adventure espousers are most likely to be found among Pioneer Transcenders and Prospector Now People and are among the most active and edgy people within the British population.

These people are looking to expand their world through their physical behaviours. They welcome the adrenaline rush of fear, of participating in activities they feel are dangerous and even life threatening. Some will be into extreme sport in its many guises. Many may not have the opportunity, the time or the resources to make the grand gesture or participate in an organized event like wing suit base jumping or ultra-endurance iron man events but they can – and will - participate in more ‘jackass’-type activities that most would consider both silly and dangerous.

For many of these espousers taking an adventure holiday may be the most exciting thing they do, but it is done for the excitement and adventure not for the prestige or status. They just like the experience.

There is a bit of an addictive nature to their search for a new ‘buzz’. The experiences are fun, they provide a hedonistic rush - and so they want more. Most people are happy to have ‘tried it once, got the T-shirt”. Adventure espousers will always be on the look-out for more new and different things to do.

It’s important to understand that this is not about the event or activity itself, it is about the feeling – the buzz - that these espousers get when they think about the event or activity. Doing the activity is part of the process of adventure but is more the end of a process than the beginning.

The down side of this rush for the rush is that it can exceed the boundaries of “reasonable behaviour” in non physical activities. These are the people to take a risk, to gamble, with their money. The buzz of the risk translates into all areas of their lives. This approach to life ties in with their desire to make more money – probably not to save, but to further speculate/gamble just for the enjoyment of the risky behaviour.

This may be real behaviour or it may just be in their active imaginations. For some older espousers, the activities may represent part of their ‘bucket list’ – things to do before they get too old or die.

One of the most important parts of this orientation is that they will try any once – but may not want to repeat the experience. They are constantly looking for new and novel situations in life. They are often among the first to try new and edgy behaviours, no matter how old they are.

Life does not always present the opportunity to do or try some the behaviours that appeal to them. When this continually happens they are likely to have fantasies about getting even with those getting in the way of their buzz. The younger espousers may very well be like the urban rioters who are just having a good time in the civil disturbances and taking items like shoes “because they can”.

The excitement and adventure they crave can, at times, be against the rules, up to and including illegal. To Adventure espousers this is part of the danger - and as long as they don’t get caught they feel it is okay. If bending the rules leads to fun and excitement it is worth it – it just adds to the buzz.


Using Adventure

Demographic Skews:

1) Over indexed: Male, all under 35, up market.

2) Under indexed: Female, over 55, down market.

Adventure espousers also espouse other attributes. The top five most highly correlated attributes of Adventure espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Buzz
2) Exhilaration
3) Novelty
4) Simmer
5) Speculate

In total those who espouse Acquiescence also over index significantly on 48 other Attributes.

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