There’s never enough time in the day for me. I want products and services that allow me to fit things in at times that suit me.

Busy, busy, busy! But busy doing what?

Well, trying to ‘get ahead’, of course! This is a core Prospector Attribute and one that provides the drive for them to achieve both ‘more’ and their goals of ‘betterment’ - in their own eyes anyway. In the values system of the Prospector their belief that success equals ‘the esteem of others’ drives them to publicly perform behaviours that will get them noticed in a positive way by their reference or aspirational groups – the people they want to admire them.

This constant striving for attention means that a lot of their time is spent thinking about what others think of them, or will think of them. This takes an inordinate amount of time so that when they think about themselves and the things they need to do they will often find they have to rush around trying to fit these needs into limited or interrupted time – a moment here and moment there. Online everything is the optimum choice for them. Groceries bought online; delivered to their door at a time that suits them. Clothing from websites; delivered to their home and waiting for them when they return from work.

These people are more likely to be in work than the general population and are more likely to have a young family than others. Sometimes the drive to get ahead is more a frantic balancing act to crowd in a work time and a family time.

Work and family aren’t just obligations and duties to be carried out to do the ‘right thing. Being successful at the job, being seen to be a good parent is what they aspire to. ‘Busy’ espousers want to be ‘great’ at whatever they do.

To others this can look like driven person who just wants to get ahead at all costs and seems to be sacrificing their ‘now’ in return for a ‘brighter future’. Living for the future and making the here and now unpleasant for themselves and others is a real danger for Busy espousers and their families and work colleagues especially.

The saving grace for them is their desire for pleasure in everything they do. They like the small things that give tangible pleasure to themselves and others. They are the ones who will have a massage, or just lie in the bath, dreaming up little gifts they can give to others to make them happy; while they are thinking of the gifts they can give themselves for being ‘so nice’.

Their drive for success and visible success means that they also want to have the means to achieve that success, and as a result they will subconsciously be looking for opportunities in most situations. ‘What’s in it for me?’ is the question that will predominate in discussions or thoughts about what they can do next in their busy lives.

Busy espousers will take the opportunity to shine whenever it is presented. This can be confusing for people around them who will view Busy people through their own set of values. In work it may be that the old systems aren’t working and the Busy people look like mavericks leading the way to new ways of being – when in truth they just want to be ‘in control’. In politics they may look like the ‘next new thing’ – right or left is irrelevant – when in fact they just want to get elected, to win.

Busy espousers will pick and choose which rules and regulations they will obey or follow. They do not like to be dictated to in a manner that prevents them being the best they can be – in other words, being winners. Active and achievement-oriented, they will knock down walls to get what they want and will be working to achieve their goals 24/7 and need 24/7 services.


Using Busy

Demographic Skews:

1) Over-indexed: Under 45

2) Under-indexed: Over 55, downmarket

Busy espousers also espouse other Attributes. The top five most highly correlated Attributes of Busy espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Visible Success
2) Aspiration
3) Conscience
4) Visible Ability
5) Pleasure

In total those who espouse Busy also over-index significantly on 36 other Attributes.

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