I believe I can do most things as well as other people.
Things usually work out the way I want them to.

Confident espousers come from pretty much every demographic and values orientation. Demographic differences are slight – a touch more male and a touch less down-market. There is a rather more marked separation in terms of values, with the Prospector values group far more likely to espouse.

Confident espousal comes as a result of a relatively healthy attention to fundamental underlying needs and their satisfaction to some extent. For some, it grows primarily out of feeling safe and secure. For others, it comes from fulfilling some aspirations for “betterment”. For still others, its source is engaging in curiosity about life, the Universe and everything.

Confidence goes hand-in-glove with Optimism. Even amongst the Settler values group - generally the most pessimistic – Confident espousers are 50% more optimistic than average for their fellows, grudgingly conceding that things don’t always turn out badly and that it might just be reasonable to expect the same in the future. For the other values orientations, there is no such hesitation in those affirmations.

This pan-values attraction needs to be given a bit more depth if the real significance of Confident is to be appreciated.

For those for whom safety and security have primacy, other strongly related attributes are Discipline, National Security, Non-reflective, Big Business and Revenge. These all speak to a concept of confidence built through good old-fashioned strength – “Don’t mess with me, stranger!” As mentioned earlier, the attention to and partial satisfaction of the need for safety and security.

The Big Business element is interesting. It accepts the idea that what’s good for big business is generally good for everyone else. This is classic acceptance of authority – an authority that, in this case, can provide a sense of belonging through providing a job. Of course, hopefully, it also provides a wage!

For those for whom aspiration is the driver – the dominant values group espousing Confident – other strongly related attributes are Showhome, Looking Good, Optimism, Hetero-love and Aspiration. These all speak to a concept of confidence built through visible image – persona, if you will. This comes from attention to and partial satisfaction of the need for esteem.

The Hetero-love element is interesting. It is marker of the importance of self-image – having a clear identity with no messing between categories.

For the rest, other strongly related attributes are No Sweat, Optimism, Self-efficacy, Unplanned, Global and Inquisitive. These all speak to a concept of confidence built upon a fearless curiosity – a constant desire to seek the “undiscovered country”. This is attention to and partial satisfaction of a set of needs to “make connections” between, at first sight, random variables.

So, Confident is a very complex attribute. Rather than explaining something all on its own, in isolation from everything else, it is a multi-facetted “attractor” – a focus for the consequence of deep needs being explored and partially satisfied.

In a nutshell, Confident acts as a “motor” for the individual’s life.


Using Confident

Demographic Skews:

1) Over-indexed: Slightly male.

2) Under-indexed: Slightly down-market.

Confident espousers also espouse other Attributes. The top six most highly correlated Attributes of Confident espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Optimism
2) Showhome
3) Unplanned, No Sweat
4) Hetero-love, Sexual

In total those who espouse Confident also over-index significantly on 30 other Attributes.

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