I believe it’s acceptable to use physical force to get something I really want. I think the important thing is to get what I want.

Like most of the Attributes located in this area of the Map, Force is skewed towards males – significantly, males under 45. Force can be thought of as a default setting for about a quarter to a third of all men in this age band. There is a slight skew to C2 and an even slighter skew to DE but it's fairly evenly spread through all socio-economic groups.

It is easy to see how Force espousers’ ‘natural aggressiveness’ could frighten others who don’t share this outlook on life. This would be just fine for these espousers - it just makes their life simpler to manage. They would see others’ fear as ‘respect’ – respect for the natural order of things.

These espousers understand that there is a natural hierarchy in the world, the workplace and in their kinship and peer groups. Life is a battle and they feel like warriors when circumstances get a bit confrontational. Having ‘vigorous discussions’ is a part of life.

They feel that if people want to engage with them at this level they are not obliged to ‘play fair’. Winning is its own justification. They are not likely to feel magnanimous to ‘losers’. In fact they feel that many of those who experience misfortunes in life – losing something like a job or a dream of a better life – have brought it on themselves, and as a result they feel no need to support them in times of need.

They are likely to feel that those in unfortunate situations aren’t being realistic about it. If they just had more sense they would do as these espousers do; bend the rules a bit and get out of the hole they’ve dug themselves into.

This is a world where men are supposed to dominate. They believe men are superior. About 40% of the people who agree with the Force statement are women. The espousers of this Attribute also believe that women should not be at work, but taking care of the home. The man is supposed to be the breadwinner.

To Force espousers, this seems like the right and proper way to run a life and a relationship – they are not doing it to be perverse. In fact they will see a lot of the modern day workplace, with many women in supervisory or managerial roles, as undesirable and something to righteously reject whenever possible.

The world they see around them has got it wrong and there is too much ‘weakness’ hiding behind the rules - rules that stop them from getting what is rightfully theirs. A real man is not someone who allows others to tell him what to do. A real man takes what he wants and if that leads to physical confrontation, then so be it.

This attitude can lead to great success in a range of business sectors. The threat of violence, from the most menial of levels to boardrooms, is enough for the majority of people to back off ideas that seem okay to them but are opposed vehemently by Force espousers. Bullying is a minor offshoot of this values set.

The low empathy aspect of Force can lead to overt violence in localities where there are pre-existing situations of civil unrest. People who were previously law-abiding but are high on the Force Attribute, would be easily tempted by the disorder and chaos of the occasion to release some of the simmering tension brought on by the nature of their everyday life. If confronted with a deviant behaviour of their own, something they wouldn’t normally do, they are likely to justify it by saying "It’s just normal, everyone else was doing it, where’s the harm?" and mean it.



Using Force

Demographic Skews:

1) Over-indexed: Male, under 45, mid-market

2) Under-indexed: Female, over 65

Force espousers also espouse other Attributes. The top five most highly correlated Attributes of Force espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Catharsis
2) Simmer
3) Patriarchy
4) Bender
5) Unobliged

In total those who espouse Force also over-index significantly on 33 other Attributes.

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