I seek every chance I can to have fun.
It is important to me to do things that give me pleasure.

Fun features in a very energetic system of attributes that lead espousers to experience life as an adventure. Skewing into younger age groups it can be typified as the spirit of youth - which data shows goes right into middle age in today's world.

The adventure contained in this attribute is driven by the need to discover and explore aspects of life that are new to the espouser. This type of exploration covers many aspects of their lives - physical, emotional, intellectual. Though some of these explorations may be dangerous, espousers derive more fun than anxiety as they manifest the novel thoughts or behaviours.

The element of surprise during or after the behaviours is a source of the fun they are looking for in life. This surprise often comes in the form of delight or pleasure.

They are looking for a life beyond just satisficing - they are looking for pleasure. More than most they perceive pleasure as something which is attainable in their everyday life. Pleasure is gained not just in the big things - a nice home, a nice car, perks that come with better jobs, etc.; it is also a potential experience in everything they do - a tasty, guilty little snack, a soak in warm scented bath at the end of long day, the feel of the sun on their skin in the spring after a long winter.

The attribute moves beyond just novelty and adventure with an orientation by espousers to want to spoil themselves. This focuses fun into a self-oriented factor that motivates many impulse purchases - from unplanned grocery products that weren't on a list, the cheeky glass of wine or the impulsive decision to try a new craft beer. It also leads them to spend more than planned when offered upgrades; or alternative offers based "spoiling yourself".

Fun is not a passive attribute. It is high energy, and frames a life that is looking for the exhilaration in everyday life. Fun is not just a weekend alternative to espousers' daily life - it is their daily life. Their approach to work and play has a major impact on public life and for the most part they are not amenable to reasoned arguments against delayed gratification of their desires. To deny their aspirations is make less pleasurable and exciting and this will be resisted at an emotional and intellectual level. Life is to be lived now and it makes little sense to delay satisfaction for some opaque promise of a better tomorrow when today is there to be enjoyed.


Using Fun

Demographic Skews:

1) Over-indexed: Male, under 25.

2) Under-indexed: Female, 55+.

Fun espousers also espouse other Attributes. The top five most highly correlated Attributes of Fun espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Pleasure
2) Adventure
3) Good time
4) Novelty
5) Exhilaration.

In total those who espouse Fun also over-index significantly on 29 other Attributes.

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