I believe we need to take more care of the environment if we are to survive.
I would stop buying products from companies that are causing damage to the environment.

Those that are drawn to the Green Intent attribute tend to see life through green-tinted spectacles. Almost everything they do is coloured by their belief that there is a genuine threat to the survival of the human species – and the natural world - if we do not take better care of the environment. They believe that the way we live is having a very big negative impact on the environment, whether it be through pollution, global warning or the eroding of habitats for particular animal species.

Acting locally, thinking globally is very much part of the Green Intent espouser’s approach to life, because they believe that if enough individuals act in an environmentally sensitive way there will be a beneficial effect on the bigger picture. For example, they will stop buying products from companies who are seen to be damaging the environment in some way. This arises naturally from their personal philosophy that changes in behaviour can have a positive effect on the environment, particularly if enough people actually change what they do. This is so important to these people.

Green Intent espousers are very aware of international perspectives and see inequalities between the richer and poorer nations as one of the catalysts fanning the flames of environmental damage. Such political awareness stems from the observation that the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer, and also from an insatiable appetite to learn from other people and cultures. Significantly more women than men are motivated to act in this way, and they tend to come from higher income households.

Green Intent does not feature highly for the majority of 22-24 year olds, who are enjoying the freedoms of early adulthood before household responsibilities truly kick into place. Such responsibilities are more associated with those who are middle aged, but not yet senior citizens, and these are higher espousers of this attribute. When people are thinking more of others and taking care of their home, there appears to be a rise in awareness of environmental issues.

As well as reducing behaviour that damages the environment, Green Intent espousers also advocate behaviour that takes care of nature. For example, this could include growing plants that attract particular species, or in a way that has a beneficial influence on the quality of the soil. A love of nature is also influential on their home, where they like to bring nature into the home; whether it be through the way it looks or by actually bringing items from the beach or countryside and using them as an integral part of the decor. This heartfelt connection with the natural world means that they are very open to the beauty of nature, to the point that they will stop what they are doing and take time simply to enjoy a beautiful view or sunset.


Using Green Intent

Demographic Skews:

1) Over indexed: Female, 45-54, up market.

2) Under indexed: Male, 22-24.

Green Intent espousers also espouse other attributes. The top five most highly correlated attributes of Green Intent espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Positive green
2) Nature
3) Poverty aware
4) Aesthetics
5) Global

In total those who espouse Green Intent also over index significantly on 38 other Attributes.

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