It is important for me to stand out in a group by the way I look or talk.
I always dress for effect.

Image espousers are conscious of and concerned about how they come across to other people, so they consciously use the way they dress and talk to give the best impression. They like to stand out from the crowd, whether it be in comparison to others living in their neighbourhood, friends in their social network, or colleagues working within a similar profession. There is a high likelihood that espousers of this attribute will be under 34 years of age and from higher income households, but there are no significant differences between men and women.

As well as being motivated to make an impression on others, Image espousers are driven to have fun; to the extent that pleasure is a primary purpose of life. And one of their great sources of pleasure is being successful and achieving a better position in life. They will put a great deal of effort into achieving and maintaining success. There is an indication that being seen to be successful may sometimes be as important as actually being successful. Owning the right car, expensive jewellery and the best house would act as symbols of success and reinforce their presentation in the best possible light. Also, anything that helps them to compare their level of success with others, such as work-based titles, helps to strengthen their personal campaign to build the ideal public image.

This is not just about looking good. They dress for effect. Not content just to influence perceptions, they want to convey a message that transforms the way others relate to them. For example, increasing or maintaining respectful behaviour by people around them provides the feedback they need to know that they are having the desired influence. Such responses may take the form of envious looks from afar, obvious attempts to imitate them, or some form of submissive behaviour.

At first it might be surprising to realise that a number of these image conscious people also tend to get excited about the possibility of social disorder. Their highly prepared image demands a great deal of effort to maintain it. Bubbling below the surface are lots of anxieties and excitement, which yearn for an outlet and expression. In many ways Image espousers need the buzz associated with risk and sensation; even if they are trying to give the impression of being calm, cool and collected.

If they are starting to feel low or bored, they will do 'something' to change their image, or they may consider doing things that are considered dangerous or forbidden. For most Image espousers, disorderly expression is reserved for alcohol-fuelled, fun evenings, but this attribute is also shared with the more criminally inclined, who use the way they look to intimidate others.

In the main, however, Image espousers are simply doing what it takes to be appreciated and respected by those who matter to them.


Using Image

Demographic Skews:

1) Over indexed: Under 35, up market.

2) 55+ : down market.

Image espousers also espouse other attributes. The top five most highly correlated attributes of Image espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Simmer
2) Visible success
3) Pleasure
4) Buzz
5) Aspiration

In total those who espouse Image also over index significantly on 32 other Attributes.

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