I spend more than I should. I am an impulsive spender.

Espousers of the Impulsive spender attribute readily admit that they often spend more than they intended or perhaps should. This results in their financial affairs being rather disorganised, their bank account being overdrawn and their bills only being paid when absolutely necessary. Less likely to consider the consequences of their actions, they see having a good time as very important. Such indulgence can result in an unhealthy lifestyle, arising from eating and drinking in an unbalanced way.

Cutting across gender and social class, significantly more Impulsive spender espousers are over indexed among the under 45ís, believing that their dreams can come true but they are not sure how! They are willing to try just about anything to achieve their dreams but this can result in a persistent yearning for more. This wanting more is much of the reason why they spend impulsively.

The Impulsive spender espouserís internal sense of yearning, and the frustration at not being able to satisfy it, always threatens to spill over and express itself in both positive and dysfunctional ways. Spending is one way that they improve their general mood and avoid negative feelings bubbling to the surface. Some do fantasise about participating in some sort of social disorder, because they could lose themselves in the crowd and release their pent up feelings in a sudden burst of uncontrolled vandalism. There is a danger, in a minority of cases, that such fantasies could become real and turn into criminal activities to get the money to feed their spending sprees; however, the likelihood of such behaviour tends to reduce as they get older.

The Impulsive spender attribute appeals to the espouserís emotional side, disrupting their normal decision making process and replacing it with emotion-driven moments of self-gratification. They like to spoil themselves but the beneficial effects are only temporary, so they must repeat this behaviour again and again. Taken to the extreme, when such impulses become compulsive, the result can be cupboards full of unused items, still in their original wrapping with price tags still attached. Most Impulsive spender espousers, however, are younger people who simply want a good time and are expressing their freedom to spend their disposable income in the way they want to.


Using Impulsive spender

Demographic Skews:

1) Over indexed: Under 45.

2) Under indexed: 55+.

Impulsive spender espousers also espouse other attributes. The top six most highly correlated attributes of Impulsive spender espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Overspend
2) Budget bedlam
3) Simmer
4) Good time, Premium shopper
5) Indulgent diet

In total those who espouse Impulsive spender also over index significantly on 26 other Attributes.

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