Iím perfectly happy on my own Ė I keep myself to myself. I donít feel a need to get out and see a lot of people, and Iím not bothered about making new friends.

People who identify with the Insular attribute are happier when they are on their own, keeping themselves to themselves, and do not feel pressure to change the way they live. ďIf it ainít broke, donít fix it!Ē is their approach to changing the way they lead their lives.

Tending to go with the flow, they put little effort into life, because they donít really believe that the results would be worth it. Insular espousers invest most of their energy into maintaining what they have already and protecting their sense of independence. Rather than hoping for a better life, they dream of holding onto their island-like existence.

While they may not know their neighbours very well and their neighbours may not know them, Insular espousers do not feel particularly lonely. This is a situation they prefer. They have very little interest in going out to see other people and they are not particularly bothered about making new friends.

Insular espousers are not natural followers; instead, they prefer the freedom to make their own way in life. There is no evidence that such people need to influence or persuade others, only that they do not want others to influence or control them. They particularly dread the idea of being part of a crowd and avoid mixing with people unless they know them very well.

Quiet and reserved, they do not like to get excited, preferring to warm up slowly and take their time to build trust in other people. And this rarely happens!


Using Insular

Demographic Skews:

1) Over indexed: 45-54, down market.

2) Under indexed: Under 25.

Insular espousers also espouse other attributes. The top five most highly correlated attributes of Insular espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Irresolute
2) Solitary
3) Reserved
4) Acquiescence
5) Independent

In total those who espouse Insular also over index significantly on 36 other Attributes.

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