It is important to me to spend time and effort caring for my appearance.
I always check how I look before I leave home.

The Looking good attribute identifies individuals who take especial care for their appearance and spend lots of time and effort in maintaining the way they look. They always like to look the best version of themselves in public, in a similar way to celebrities they admire. They wouldn’t dream of going out in public without having thoroughly checked their appearance. They know that looking good is part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle, recognising that regular exercise helps to tone their body and keep the skin younger looking.

Whenever possible, Looking good espousers like to be noticed and to stand out from the crowd, but not too much; preferring to be a slightly bigger fish in a small pond. In other words, they like to be noticed by people from their chosen reference group who have similar values and aspirations – people who are important to them. They dress for effect and will adopt appropriate modes of speaking to enhance the impact.

Looking good espousers also like to ensure that anything or anyone associated with them also looks good, such as their home, car and, possibly, their friends and family. This is a moving target so they are constantly modifying the way they look and redecorating their home to keep up with the current fashions. Being on-trend shows that they are not only looking good, but also that they are part of the “in” crowd.

Seeking pleasure is important to them, but it does not come naturally. They have to work at it, because they are unsure what makes them truly happy. Significantly more women under 24 years of age espouse this attribute, because looking good is their ticket to a better, more pleasurable life, but they are not always certain of the destination!

Looking good espousers need and actively seek the approval of others and so they have developed a wonderful set of empathetic social skills. They attract others to them like a magnet, because their peers feel heard and understood when immersed in conversations about their shared problems, challenges and successes.


Using Looking good

Demographic Skews:

1) Over indexed: Female, Under 25.

2) Under indexed: Male.

Looking good espousers also espouse other attributes. The top five most highly correlated attributes of Looking good espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Showhome
2) Image
3) Healthy lifestyle
4) Pleasure
5) Listening

In total those who espouse Looking good also over index significantly on 29 other Attributes.

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