It is important to me that my country be safe from threats from within and without.
I am concerned that social order be protected.

The National security attribute is attractive to individuals who need to feel secure in their home, in their community and in their country. Feeling safe underpins almost everything the National security espouser does. They like the police and the military to be well equipped and well trained, so that they can prevent unsociable activities and deal swiftly with emerging threats, when necessary. There is always a general background sense of unease and anxiety, but good security helps them to worry a little less.

Increasingly, National security espousers believe that there is too little respect for the law, lawmakers and the police, which has led to too many people willing to use violence to get what they want. Even if they have not experienced the consequences of crime themselves, they are fearful of it and often feel unable to walk alone at night, even in their local neighbourhood. Only when they feel safe will they consider doing something new and this is very rare, particularly as they get older. Taking risks is not on their menu for life.

The National security espouserís primary solution is to impose strong discipline at an early age, believing that strict guidelines are in the best interests of children and society as a whole. And if people do cross the line and commit a crime, they believe that there needs to be severe punishment. The use and threat of such punishment is a seen as a potent deterrent Ė and where the deterrent does not appear to be working, the answer is to increase the punishment.

National security espousers, men and women, typically feel proud to call themselves a citizen of their country, recognising the need to protect both their culture and their traditions. They believe that we are stronger and safer together, so the need to protect and to be protected underpins their sense of loyalty to each other. This sense of being in it together helps to maintain a strong sense of social order.

If anyone or anything threatens their family or their way of life, the National security espouserís sense of duty to their neighbours and to their country will come to the fore. Only then will they put themselves in harmís way, particularly if they are able to fight alongside their friends and neighbours. Only when their loved ones feel unsafe and threatened will they place their own need for safety in jeopardy. Protecting others can trump their need to protect themselves.


Using National security

Demographic Skews:

1) Over indexed: Over 55, slightly down market.

2) Under indexed: Under 45, Slightly up market.

National security espousers also espouse other attributes. The top five most highly correlated attributes of National security espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Discipline
2) National pride
3) Afraid
4) Loyalty
5) Safety

In total those who espouse National security also over index significantly on 35 other Attributes.

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