I strongly believe that people should care for nature.
Looking after the environment is important to me.

Caring deeply for the natural world lies at the heart of this attribute, resting on the belief that humanity is having a huge negative impact on the earth’s environment. Nature espousers fear that there is a real threat to human health and to our survival as a species, if we do not heed, for example, the lessons provided by failed civilisations that extinguished themselves by over-exploiting their natural resources. In consequence, they believe passionately in the need to preserve wild landscapes, protect endangered species and to ensure that ecosystems are resilient in the face of global climate change.

Needing to live a life with a clear sense of purpose and pronounced ethical views, Nature espousers feel that to create a better world, they must themselves become better people. As well as modifying and limiting the way they themselves behave in order to live a greener lifestyle, Nature espousers are supportive of schemes and activities that work in tune with nature. For example, this could include using natural ways to disperse and slow down rivers near to the source, to prevent serious flooding further downstream.

Sometimes feeling that they are swimming against the current of progress, Nature espousers believe that our dependency on technological change and economic expansion has distanced us from Mother Nature. They understand that the current period in history is witness to an unprecedented attack on species and habitats, often in the poorer countries. They recognise that, ironically, both the environmental threats and the movement for conservation are fuelled principally by processes originating in the richer countries.

At a human level, Nature espousers feel anger and sometimes despair about the persistent inequalities present in the world, especially those that they see as driven by the exploitation of the poor to the economic advantage of the rich.

These beliefs can influence all aspects of Nature espousers’ lives, including how, where and when they travel and purchase consumer products. This can become a self-imposed personal burden, resulting in a deep sense of guilt if they do not achieve their own high standards.

They are very caring but it is not always easy to see. Their intense convictions may give the impression that they are trying to impose their beliefs upon others, coming across as formidable rather than compassionate. The truth is likely the opposite – that their compassion and desire to care for others and the world simply runs too deep for many others to grasp.


Using Nature

Demographic Skews:

1) Over indexed: Female, 45+.

2) Under indexed: Male, Under 25.

Nature espousers also espouse other attributes. The top five most highly correlated attributes of Nature espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Green intent
2) Positive green
3) Justice
4) Poverty aware
5) Caring

In total those who espouse Nature also over index significantly on 34 other Attributes.

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