I often come out of a shop having spent more than I intended.
If I won ₤100,000 I'd spend! spend! spend!

Just over one-quarter of the population see this attribute as a primary feature of their everyday life, believing that their dreams can come true if they have enough money. They dream of having the freedom to spend whenever they choose to. They want to spend whatever money they have now and to think about the consequences later.

With no significant differences between men and women, Overspend espousers tend to be under 35 years of age, with little or no inclination to take on responsibilities. They often spend more than they intended, resulting in their financial affairs tending to be disorganised, with their bank account frequently overdrawn and their bills paid late, or not at all.

They like to be successful and have expensive things, but they find it difficult to sustain success, due to a lack of discipline. Compared with others, they find it difficult to organise and structure their life, and one of the consequences is financial chaos. The need to be successful or famous does influence their behaviour, but the need to be rich is likely to be even stronger. If symbols of success come with such a lifestyle so be it, but this is not their primary motivation.

Optimism is normally seen as a positive quality, but for these people a sense of hope can result in the hole of debt being dug deeper and deeper. They go with the flow, and the direction of the flow is always towards making and spending money. In fact, they may never think about the consequences until they are forced by circumstances to do so. This attribute can be the seed of the addictive gambler, who enjoys taking risks.

Often, they find themselves so busy that they find little time just to sit down and sort out their issues. They may dream of bargains, but do not have the time or motivation to go looking for them. Like writing with no punctuation, these people find it difficult to pause, to breathe, or to put boundaries around what they do. They are likely to be repeat offenders in pursuing potentially rewarding experiences, despite the serious financial repercussions when the bills come due.

There is a continuous underlying anxiety bubbling below the surface, but never enough to inhibit their spending and to bring their dreams down to earth. This anxiety can manifest in antisocial fantasies that have nothing to do with their pursuit of money. It would seem that money and exhibiting personal power have a connection in their minds and is something that that rounds out the picture of the Overspend attribute.


Using Overspend

Demographic Skews:

1) Over-indexed: Under 35.

2) Under-indexed: Over 55, up-market.

Overspend espousers also espouse other Attributes. The top five most highly correlated Attributes of Overspend espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Impulsive spender
2) Budget Bedlam
3) Simmer
4 Material wealth
5 Speculate.

In total those who espouse Overspend also over-index significantly on 31 other Attributes.

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