I regularly pay extra to save time and trouble shopping around.
I can't really be bothered to compare prices.

Just under one-third of the population do not mind paying more for products, or paying extra for shopping services, if it helps them to save time and to reduce hassle. Espousers of this attribute know there is more to life than shopping - especially for the necessities of life - and they will pay extra to reclaim this time for themselves.

Believing in dreams and brimming with energy, they try to avoid getting bogged down in the trivial details of life. They try to focus their efforts on getting what they want, even if they have to compete and fight for it. To some people, they may come across as aggressive, where they may see themselves as only being strong willed and persistent. Sometimes dreaming of adventure and 'disruptive' change in their lives, they also like some things to stay the same. They get excited by the prospect of change, as long as some deep-seated traditional values do not feel threatened. For example, everything may change around them, but they still prefer men to be the primary breadwinners and women to be the homemakers.

Saving time for the fun and exciting things in life is much more important than the price of goods and services. Cutting across gender and social class, significantly more Premium Shoppers are under 34 years of age, who may dream of bargains, but do not necessarily have the time or motivation to go looking for them. If needed, for short periods, they may live beyond their means and spend more than they planned if they are able to achieve their goals.

They like shopping to be a stimulating experience and many retailers - especially in core sectors like food and clothing - are not meeting these needs. As a result the espousers of this attribute are likely to shop online for these goods and services, or get someone else to do the regular and mundane purchases. For example, they would love the idea of a personal shopper, because it reduces the need to shop around and enriches the actual experience of shopping. As well as buying something new, they are likely to enjoy shopping in new places, whether it's a nearby town they have not visited before, or an exciting destination such as New York or Milan. And when shopping is enjoyable, they are even more likely to spend more than they intended.


Using Premium shopper

Demographic Skews:

1) Over-indexed: Under 22, slight up-market.

2) Under-indexed: Down-market.

Premium shopper espousers also espouse other Attributes. The top five most highly correlated Attributes of Premium shopper espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Simmer
2) Impulsive spender
3) Patriarchy
4 Force
5 Overspend.

In total those who espouse Premium shopper also over-index significantly on 35 other Attributes.

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