If somebody does me a bad turn I don’t get mad, I get even. I believe that everyone has their weak points - you just have to find them.

Revenge espousers are mainly male and mid-market - and rather than being figures of fright are more likely to be younger or middle-aged, and more fantasist than fanatic. People over 55 are likely to have given up on this Attribute.

From societies’ point of view it is good that the most defining connection between Revenge and other Attributes is their high likelihood to be irresolute. They talk a good fight – and a pretty nasty fight at that – but they can never seem to make up their mind to do it. Their fantasies of getting even and putting others down are strong, but their actions are at best muted. In younger men, they may channel this aspect of their psyche through their games consoles and role-playing games. Perhaps they remotely ‘troll’ websites.

This whole area is quite passive in real world action, but highly charged in the imagination. In older men and women it is also likely to be passive. It is likely to contain elements of past failures and the replaying of circumstances in which they felt belittled and humiliated, followed by a replaying of scenarios so that they get revenge. Radio call-ins will attract more than their fair share of these people, who have all the answers, now, and want to show up weaknesses in others – but only within the anonymity of the medium.

Revenge espousers’ approach to life contains other elements that make them susceptible to others’ plans of revenge and, by definition, dominance by others. This may come in support for, or turning a blind eye to company or organisational practices - especially if they work for large companies. They are likely to believe that what is good for big business is good for them and that government has no role to play in regulating big business. If business breaks the rules it is just part of the game – getting what you want is all that matters and good luck to those that ‘get away with it’.

They believe that breaking rules to get what you want isn’t a crime unless you’re caught. Not getting caught is an indication they are smarter than those they have targeted. How many times has the news talked of the ‘quiet guy’ who pulls off shocking crimes? Follow-up studies often reveal deep resentments and fantasies of getting even, to prove they are smarter. This is part of Revenge.

Many of these acts – real and imagined - can look psychotic in their violence level, but for every psycho-killer there are many, many more people who fanaticise these situations – many of them Revenge espousers. Thank goodness they are irresolute.

The desire for material wealth is often a component of this values set. The fantasies contain rewards – they win the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Wanting others to see the results of their cleverness is more important than the pot of gold - it is the display that counts. The reward is really that others recognise their vitality.

Revenge espousers are likely to carry around a simmering anger at real and imagined slights that have prevented them from being the winners they so want to be. In younger people this is likely to take the form of “When I get the chance…”, a future-oriented thought process. Their experience of powerlessness leads them to their dark fantasies. In older people it is likely that their fantasies are more past-oriented and take the form of “If that ever happens again…”, preparing themselves to re-write the life script which led to an unwelcome outcome at some time in the past. In these fantasies they look for weak points in others and to ‘get even’ this time.


Using Revenge

Demographic Skews:

1) Over-indexed: Male, 18-21 and 45-54, mid market.

2) Under-indexed: Female, over 55, mid-market .

Revenge espousers also espouse other Attributes. The top five most highly correlated Attributes of Revenge espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Irresolute
2) Bender
3) Catharsis
4) Material Wealth
5) Big Business

In total those who espouse Revenge also over-index significantly on 40 other Attributes.

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