I am a gambler at heart. I am prepared to take a risk in order to make a lot of money.

Speculate is one of the significant dark factors that helps explain much of today's world - our economic system, our relationship to each other and to the ecological system that supports all of us. It is very skewed into younger age groups - between one in four and one in five of all people between 18 and 44 - and even more in males. This is a profile of the vast majority of people working in today's organizations and raising their families in preparation for them entering society in the next generation. This is an attribute that frames a dominant narrative that can be destructive to social and ecological systems if manifested with few modifiers.

Being prepared to take a risk to make lots of money is an attribute that many sections of society see laudable. Political parties are based on supporting or denying this. A large part of economic discourse and advice to businesses, large and small, is based on the acceptance of this aspect of the dominant narrative.

But a closer examination of this attribute and its correlated attributes reveal a darker side that helps explain why the seemingly laudable attribute can contribute to many of society's ills.

Espousers of this attitude are comfortable with the idea of public disorder. More than that they are likely to meet uncertainty with force - looking for resolution of issues rather than living with uncertainty. This orientation to the use of force to resolve issues in most cases causes more problems than it solves. Effectively kicking many contentious issues into the long grass through the violence they threaten or actually carry out, they only delay the peaceful resolution of cultural issues. Correlating with non-voters and more right-wing voters these espousers can be seen as retrograde by others who share a more progressive values systems.

Gender equality is a big issue in today's society and organizations. These potentially violent espousers - espousing one of the key attributes within the dominant narrative - come down firmly on the side of patriarchy and the framing of issues of equality into the espousal of a male dominated worldview that places men as responsible for income and women as responsible for the home, i.e. subordinate to the male. This is not a "women's issue" - this is an issue of power and the increasing impotence of the younger male espousers of Speculate to provide for their relationship unit or family and the increasing need for women to be active (economically and socially) outside the home.

This group of attributes may only be a background part of the individual values system of the espouser and not burst into action; and it often is.

The problem is that the espousers are also looking for the buzz of actualizing their values, the buzz is what makes them happy. It can be seen that abuse of others can lead to a buzz. In their world this asocial or anti-social behaviour can be seen not so much as abuse of others as a method of doing something dangerous or forbidden and deriving pleasure from it. In their minds they don't empathise with the feelings of others as much as they do the pained reactions of others.

In today's culture of extensive on-line social media usage by the dominant age group espousing this attribute this is the home of the 'Alt-Right' and troll universe. Not only do these espousers support and derive information and pleasure from the troll postings, many of them will be the trolls themselves.


Using Speculate

Demographic Skews:

1) Over-indexed: Male, 18-34, mid-market.

2) Under-indexed: Female, 55+.

Speculate espousers also espouse other Attributes. The top five most highly correlated Attributes of Speculate espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Simmer
2) Force
3) Catharsis
4) Patriarchy
5) Buzz.

In total those who espouse Speculate also over-index significantly on 27 other Attributes.

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