I believe that itís important to see the possibilities in any situation, rather than simply adjusting to the facts as they are. I enjoy thinking about things that canít be proved one way or another.

Invigorated by almost perpetual change, causing them to feel alive and motivated, espousers of the Unplanned attribute thrive in a world of uncertainty. Planning ahead is the last thing on their mind, preferring to deal with the here and now and to explore the emerging possibilities in any situation. Rather than compromise and simply adjust to what others would call the "tough realties" of everyday life, they prefer to question everyday assumptions, face challenges head on and try to create new, more satisfying ways to move forward.

As well as thriving in an external world that is constantly changing, this attribute also shows that these people like their internal view of the world and of other people to be in a state of flux. Their ideas and beliefs evolve by thinking about things that cannot be proved one way or another and by talking with people who are very different from themselves. Disagreement is no barrier. They feel that debate Ė even heated debate - only leads to better understanding.

The one thing that does not change for the Unplanned espouser is their confidence in themselves and the world around them, supported by a firm belief that everything will turn out fine. That said, such people are not dreamers or fantasists. They simply face the ups and downs of life with a positive outlook and value the opportunity to take responsibility for their own choices. This is based upon a strong faith in their ability to deal with anything that is thrown at them, and a pragmatic willingness to change their minds - to adapt, evolve and grow - if necessary.

Driven to learn and experience new things, the Unplanned espousers' inquisitive minds and adaptable behaviours result in them tending to know something about almost anything. In some cases, as the old saying goes, they may know a little about a lot but not necessarily a lot about much.

Even though they are more motivated than most to understand people more deeply, others may find it difficult to understand them Ė a misunderstanding fuelled by their apparent interest in things that, to others, seem irrelevant and a waste of time. Where acquaintances might see them as a mine of useless information, they themselves would see their growing knowledge as a reflection of lifeís rich tapestry.

So, people who value the Unplanned attribute can remain cheerful even in times of adversity, because they tend to be amongst lifeís great optimists. Even though there is a powerful focus on current reality, they generally feel good about what the future holds for them. They may not have a clear vision of what or where they will be in the future but, because they can feel at home almost anywhere, the prospect of a totally different future compared with the life they have today does not trouble them in any way.


Using Unplanned

Demographic Skews:

1) Over-indexed: Up-market.

2) Under-indexed: Slightly 25-34, slightly down-market.

Unplanned espousers also espouse other Attributes. The top six most highly correlated Attributes of Unplanned espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Adaptable
2) Self-efficacy
3) Openness
4) Inquisitive
5) Optimism, Cheerful.

In total those who espouse Unplanned also over-index significantly on 42 other Attributes.

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