I have difficulty finding clothes that suit me. I am often disappointed with the clothes I buy.

The attribute espousers are unable to find clothes that fit well and suit them, corresponding with their self-perceived inability or unwillingness to 'fit into society'. They feel the image they present to the world is often awkward and out of place, the same as they feel inside.

Uncomfortable physically and psychologically, their relationship with clothes reflects how they feel most of the time. Their efforts to fit in has been the experience of disappointment due to their expectations rarely being matched with actually what happens.

Constantly being knocked back, they have learned to expect little from life or the future. Learned helplessness has dulled their senses and flattened their emotions, as their hopes and dreams have faded into the background.

Rarely feeling comfortable corresponds with their discomfort with strangers and new experiences. Tending to be quiet and reserved, they feel uneasy with people they do not know well.

There is a higher likelihood of espousers being women, especially under 45 years of age. They are also likely to come from lower income households - but there are still large numbers in higher socio-economic groups who are as pessimistic, but have more opportunities to 'remake' themselves. Many simply don't care how they look, because they cannot be bothered with making an effort or trying to please other people. Many of them feel very self-conscious about their bodies and are not happy with themselves, or their lives.

In many ways, large numbers of these espousers have given up, because it is a waste of time trying to change things. They do not expect much from life and can only see more of the same ahead. Nothing excites them or gets them moving these days. They are at their most content when they feel that there are few demands on them to dress or to behave in a particular way. Their energies are directed towards to holding on to what they have and to resisting further disappointments.


Using Wrong clothes

Demographic Skews:

1) Over-indexed: Female, 18-44, down-market.

2) Under-indexed: Male, 65+.

Wrong clothes espousers also espouse other Attributes. The top five most highly correlated Attributes of Wrong clothes espousers are, in order of the strength of relationship:

1) Pessimism
2) Acquiescence
4) Reserved
5) Non-reflective.

In total those who espouse Wrong clothes also over-index significantly on 11 other Attributes.

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