A personal viewpoint by Les Higgins, 21 December 2018

It is CDSM's' policy to try to be politically impartial. That can be difficult but we know full well that "change", in any direction, does not happen overnight or easily. Those seeking "change" must be patient - and intelligent. That said, as Company Secretary, I cannot let the current Brexit situation pass without comment.

As of December 21st 2018, with less than 100 days to go before the Article 50 deadline, the Government has the audacity to "tell" businesses to "prepare" for a no-deal Brexit.

For Heaven's sake! Our political establishment has had TWO YEARS to sort this mess out and NOW, because of its inability to find common ground that puts the national interest above petty party politics and internicine warring factions, it wants to shift the responsibility onto businesses, with less than 14 weeks (that's calendar weeks, not working weeks) to go? This is mis-management on an EPIC scale!

Do you get the sense that I am angry? If you don't then you don't have blood flowing in your viens!

This is not about "political orientation" or about questioning "in or out" - this is sheer frustration at institutional, political and governmental incompetence.

This nation, its economy and its businesses are being sold short by the whole political establishment. What can you expect when you put the strategic future of the country in the hands of a bunch of over-priveleged middle-managers? (I do not restrict my criticism just to the Government).

Of this you can be sure - no politician, of any political persuasion - will "take the blame" if it all goes pear-shaped That will surely be passed on to others - "other" political parties, the EU, businesses, "the people", globalisation, yah-de-yah-de-yah!

Why such anger? Because, of all the things that can get under my skin, I cannot abide SPINELESSNESS!

Rant over!

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